Christmas Trees


tree cover FINAL

Fraser Fir

Dark green in color with a hint of silver, this soft needled tree has excellent needle retention that makes the Fraser Fir one of the most popular Christmas Trees.

5-6’      $24.00
6-7’      $36.00
7-8’      $46.00
8-9’      $56.00
9-10’     $78.00

Concolor Fir

concolor 800-500

Blue/green in color, this long and soft needled Fir combines a full look and good needle retention to be a great Christmas Tree choice.

5-6’      $32.00
6-7’      $36.00
7-8’      $46.00

Scotch Pine

scotch 800-500

Scotch Pines are know for their excellent needle retention. Scotch Pines do tend to be a bit pokey but even when dry they do not loose their needles.

3-5’      $17.00
5-6’      $24.00
6-7’      $27.00

White Pine

white pine 800-500

Long feathery needles give the White Pine a beautiful look. The branches are a bit flexible with heavy ornaments.

6-7’      $26.00
7-8’      $36.00



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