11931 E Lakewood Blvd Holland, MI 49424
13057 Quincy St Holland, MI 49424

Delivery Pricing

Delivery Pricing

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Delivery Orders can be made at either of our locations, please stop in or call today!

Lakewood Blvd: 616-546-9196  |  Quincy St: 616-399-4002

-We keep previous delivery orders on file to eliminate the guesswork for returning customers-

Standard Delivery


Specialty Delivery


Zone 1*Zone 2*Zone 3*Zone 1*Zone 2*Zone 3*

Zones are based on driving distances from Chips Groundcover @ 11931 E Lakewood Blvd Holland, MI 49424.

(Programs such as Google Maps or Microsoft Streets and Tips are used to determine distances.)

*Zone 1 49423, 49424, 49464, 49426, 49428, 49401 – Includes ALL of Holland, Zeeland, West Olive, Allendale, Jenison, Hudsonville, Parts of Hamilton
*Zone 2Includes addresses in Zip Codes: 49419, 49417, 49406, 49453 – Hamilton, Grand Haven, Douglas, Saugatuck) – Parts of 49408, 49010, 49323, 49315, 49418 49534, 49435, 49404, 49409, 49448, 49456 – Fennville, Allegan, Dorr, Byron Center, Grandville, Grand Rapids, Coopersville, Ferrysburg, Coopersville, Nunica, Spring Lake
*Zone 3Includes addresses in Zip Codes: 49509, 49519, 49508, 49548, 49090, 49416, 49441, 49415 – Wyoming, Kentwood, South Haven, Glenn, Norton Shores, Fruitport, Parts of Grand Rapids – Parts of 49408, 49010, 49323, 49315, 49418 49534, 49435, 49404, 49409, 49448, 49456 – Fennville, Allegan, Dorr, Byron Center, Grandville, Coopersville, Ferrysburg, Coopersville, Nunica, Spring Lake
  • Order more than 1 product and receive 25% off delivery prices after the first.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • All price changes based on economic conditions out of our control such as: fuel costs, cost of goods or any other unforeseen changes.
We know it gets confusing – let us know what material you need and we’ll get you the best price we can 😀

*You may receive up to 2 trips per product per order per delivery charge based on our truck capacities. We reserve the right to fill your order using outside trucking companies with larger capacity trucks as we see beneficial, including manufacturer direct. Our truck capacities are: 14 yards of “light” product (Mulch/Bark), 6 yards of “heavy” product (sand/soil/most decorative stone), 12 yards of “medium” product (Red Lava Rock).

Example: If you order 24 yards of Mulch and 12 yards of soil, it would result in 1 3/4 delivery charges. Up to 4 trips would be made or outside trucking would be hired. Additional fees may apply for large orders requiring multiple trips with small trucks due to available space, weight concerns, or other conditions. 

Disclaimer: Your purchase of Chips Groundcover llc’s delivery service waives all liability from Chips Groundcover of incidental property damage including, but not limited to: cracking of driveway surfaces, landscape and/or lawn damage, or other property damage. You assume full responsibility for product unloaded in public right-of-ways (including the risk of damage or injury to others). Deliveries requested to be unloaded in more than one location or areas other than driveways may be subject to additional fees. Due to unforeseen conditions (such as traffic) Chips Groundcover cannot guarantee exact delivery time.
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Terms and Conditions

Sometimes the desired location for off-loading might be difficult for a larger truck to access.

View our delivery trucks here!

Check out our Typical Truck Volumes page to find out how much your truck can hold.