Landscape Fabric


Landscape Fabric is a versatile material used as a protective barrier in various outdoor projects. Most commonly, it is applied to prevent weed growth in landscape beds and garden areas. The fabric is installed by covering the ground around desirable plants, creating a barrier to help prevent any unwanted growth from pesky weeds and grasses. It does this by limiting the amount of sunlight that reaches the soil. Typically, a layer of decorative landscape stone is then spread over the top of the fabric to enhance its visual appeal. This fabric is also great for creating maintenance-free walking paths in produce gardens.

This same landscape fabric is also used as a barrier between soil and stone in different types of drainage and erosion prevention applications – block walls, boulder walls, french drains and patio sub-bases. Projects like this are an investment and should be installed with longevity in mind. Standing water can be damaging and stone allows it to flow away from these potentially problematic areas. The fabric helps keep the stone clean, so water can be effectively channeled away over the course of time.

*We stock various grades of landscape fabric suitable for any landscape project. It can be purchased by the roll or by the foot, so regardless of the project size we can serve you!


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