Landscaping Tools

10 tine Pitch Fork

6 Tine Pitch Fork

Scoop Shovel

Point Shovel

10″ or 8″ Tamps


Aluminum Landscape Rake

Flat Shovel

10 cu. ft. Poly Wheelbarrow

8 cu. ft. Poly Wheelbarrow

6 cu. ft. Steel Wheelbarrow

6 cu. ft. Poly Wheelbarrow

Scotts Hand Spreader

4 cu. ft. Wheelbarrow

Scotts Edgeguard Spreader

Wolverine All Purpose Cart

Hand Weeder

Ames Hand Trowel

Hand Transplanter

Ames Best Cultivator

All-Steel Short Handled Shovel-Rounded

All-Steel Short Handled Shovel- Flat

All Steel Long Handled Shovel- Rounded

All Steel Long Handled Shovel- Flat


Hudson Sprayer  – 2.5 Gal.

Poly Grain Scoop Shovel

General Purpose Shovel

Dead Blow Hammer

We are constantly getting in different types of tools, to see our full selection stop by our Lakewood Blvd Location.

~Prices are subject to change without notice~